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Hi my name is Lorelei. I live in Alberta, Canada in  the northern part.
I am fascinated by mermaids, unicorns, dolphins , angels and dragons. On the following pages are just some of the wonderful pictures I have come across. If you have a picture I don't and want to add it please let me know.
I also like sincere, honest people, rainbows, beautiful sunrises, sunsets, walks on a moonlit beach and good friends to share good memories with. I like to meet  new people on here all the time from all over the world so please feel free to e-mail me.
I have found the following pictures all over the web. If one of these are yours let me know and I will credit you with the picture.  If you would like to copy one could you please let me know first. Thank you. Now click on the links and enjoy the view.
I have a lot of pictures so please allow page to load fully for the full effect.
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The entries in this guest book are from my main guest book and my other guest books that I had on other pages.
While editing my pages I  decided it would be easier to only have one guest book on my site.That is why there is two date and time stamps. One is when I reposted the comment and the other is when it was originally posted.
Feel free to read or sign my guest book.
Thank you for your comments and please enjoy my site.